Baccala Salad

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The Baccala Salad is often served during Christmas Eve in most Italian homes. It is salt cod which is delivered straight from Norway. This special recipe for this salad can feed around 4 persons.


Salt cod, soaked, drained, 1lb

Garlic cloves, chopped, 2 pcs.

Extra VCO, 4 tbsps

Lemon, juiced, 1 pc

Whole and cured black olives, ½ cup

Celery stalk, diced, 1 pc

Black pepper, freshly ground, ½ tsp

Red pepper flakes, ¼ tsp


Place the soaked salt cod fish in a medium sized saucepan. Add just enough amount of water to cover the fish by 1 inch. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for 3 minutes or until it gets flaky but make sure to not overcook. Remove and drain the cod. In a bowl, mix it with some garlic, celery, olives, black and red pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Bread the fish apart in medium sized pieced before adding to the bowl. Toss it with the mixture and refrigerate for an hour before serving. Serve it cold or at room temperature.

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Zuppa Inglese

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Even if the term Zuppa Inglese is literally translated into English soup, it really has nothing to do with any kind of soup at all. This is actually a delicious dessert that is made up of liquerdi, savoiardi biscuits, custard or blancmange. This particular recipe serves around 6 people.


Savoiardi biscuits, 1 packet

Custard, 1 pint

Strawberry blancmange, 1 pint

Liquer, 2 cups


First make the custard according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Then you make the strawberry blackmange according to its own instructions in the package as well. Pour the liquer mix into a dish and when the custard and blackmange is cooled already, spoon it into the base of the dish. Dip the saviordi biscuits in the liquer and place them on top of the strawberry blancmange. When you are done layering the first bicuit layer, cover it with a layer of custard as well. Then start off another biscuit layer and so on until the entire Zuppa Inglese is done. Leave in the fridge overnight before eating.

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Torta di Patate

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The Torta di Patate is really a very tasty pie that is made up of mash potato. It can eaten either cold or hot, whatever you choose. It can also be eaten as a primary course or maybe your tea time snack. Some even take it as their main meal. In every Italian picnic basket, this can be surely found. This recipe would serve 4.


Plain flour, 250 grams

1 large egg


A pinch of salt

A tbsp of butter

Ovenproof dish

Mixing bowl

Rolling pin


You must pour the flour into the mixing bowl. Add salt, egg, water and turn it into a dough mixture. Wrap it in a cling film and place it inside a refrigerator to cool for about 30 minutes. Then it is time for you to prepare the filling. Do procedures as you would in making the usual mash potato and make it as filling for your dough. You must also prepare the crust and cook it through the oven. It is really served best with some salad.

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Potato Gnocchi

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Gnocchi is served hot in a rich and thick pasta sauce with some hints of Parmesan Cheese. This is what you really can consider as comfort food. However, the type of Gnocchi you serve depends on which part of Italy you are from. From this aspect, your ingredients to be used would vary. But what we have here is the traditional Potato Gnocchi or might as well be called as potato dumplings. This ingredient is good for two.


1 pound of potatoes, peeled

.5 oz butter

Flour, 4 tbsp

Pepper and salt to taste

1 beaten egg

Butter for serving


You must first boil the potatoes and drain them after. Crush them with a masher and allow it to totally cool and dry. Mix in the butter, flour, seasoning and the egg while preventing it from being sticky. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes and form it into a ball before you divide it into tiny pieces. Turn each into a sausage size type and create some ridges. Cook them in salted water and bring them to a boil. Drain them, add some butter and sprinkle some lashings of cheese.

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